Easy To Remember Chemin de fer Technique

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One of the enjoyable techniques to play black jack and be a constant winner is to play like the dealer competes.

You’ll discover more folks will complain at the tables if you do, but why would you care? You will come away with a win, more frequently, over a period of time if you always compete like the croupier. Try it at home, on the internet, or in real life in the land-based casinos on a "leisurely day," but be certain you try it as it operates.

It’s the easiest method to compete with nothing to count, absolutely no 10’s or 5’s or anything else to recall. If you stop and ponder it, this is why this "system" will be the single method you’ll ever need:

How often does a dealer show a two and end up making a strong hand? How often does a croupier show a three, turn over a 10, and make a powerful hand? How often have you split an eight-eight against a dealer’s face and had 2 losing hands instead of one? How frequently have you split a pair of Aces against the casino’s face and had got losing hands instead of one?

It’s really astonishing how the house can draw a hand out with starting hands of twelve,13,14,15, and even 16. It occurs because it’s supposed to happen, as a result of the number of low cards in the deck of cards and a few other elements.

Attempt this technique out and see if you compete any better than you have in the past. Remember, if you try this technique or anyother, do it regularly and with this one it means you compete like the croupier every time. Continue to hit until you get seventeen and stand.

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