The Future of Black Jack Card Counting

[ English ]

The question being asked at this time is what is the future of card counters in twenty-one. are the times of card counting done? Many believe so.

Automatic shuffle machines are being used in todays tables which makes shuffle tracking or card counting unlikely. The land based casinos are going to insert shuffling machines at the tables.

It’s believed that in locations like vegas, surveillance cameras are being employed to look at the abilities of the players and intelligent twenty-one tables that monitors players hands and tactics utilizing magnetic chips.

The Nevada State Gaming Commission, an agency that safeguards fair gambling decided that betting houses may not adjust the games in a manner that would alter the frequency of the payouts. Since then, many Nevada betting houses train their croupiers to card count and shuffle whenever they want, and also a wide variety of betting houses keeps information of card count, including names and pictures to keep them away from the game.

So what will be the outlook of this twenty-one "war"? is it just starting or will it quickly reach an end? Despite all their newest tech, political and monetary affects, I have reason to believe there remains a hope for a happy ending. With more than twenty-five states in the United States offering chemin de fer games, there are more profit opportunities for card counters than back in the good old days.

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